Friday, 27 June 2014

Don Jazzy Goes into Comic Biz...Launches Doro The MegaSuperHero Competition with $5,500 up For Grabs

Mega super  producer Don Jazzy seems to have his eyes on the world of comic entertainment as he has just launched the Doro The MegaSuperHero competition where he would be giving out $3,000 to the winner of the competition. It's not a winner takes all kind of competition though as the top 5 would also take home $500.

From dominating the music business to being a big player in the world of comic entertainment? Maybe he would also go into the world of video games. *shrugs shoulders*. Time would tell.

*Rubs hands* I can't wait to see what the winning character would be.  Someone should make Sango a comic hero or probably Queen Idia. You Know I'm all about celebrating strong women. :-)

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