Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lool!! Tunde Ednut Blasted For Posting Photoshopped Pic Claiming it Was Him

Loool!!! Lawwwdddd!! 
*calms down* Ok. This is the gist.....musician Tunde Ednut was obviously bored and wanted to pull a stunt on instagram. 

Dude posted a picture of a hot sesky brother with 6 packs claiming he was the one. Dude even tried getting a girl with the pic sef!. Unfortunately for him, he was busted. He wasn't the one in the pic and someone did not waste time spilling the beans. Immediately he realized that people had discovered what he did, he quickly deleted the picture. 

Errm!! there is one small kpanza sha!! some sharp people quickly screen munched it. :-)

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