Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Meet the Blonde Brazilian Boy Who Underwent Surgery to Become Korean

His name was Max until he changed it to Xiahn. His name is not the only thing he changed as the Brazilian also underwent so many surgeries to also alter his face to look Korean. Save for his nose, he tampered with every other thing on his face. On the surgical procedure on his eyes......

I was not afraid that something would go wrong, but I was afraid to stay with scarring in the eye and so I did look plastic, but everything worked out. My vision is perfect.

He also wears dark contact lens to change the colour of his eyes to black.Xiahn underwent more than 10 operations to get the desired look, spending more than $3000 to look remarkably like a natural-born Asian man.According to the 25 year old, his love for Korean drama influenced his drastic decision.

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