Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pics: Woman beats up WAI official for allegedly punching her in Benin

A woman who allegedly beat traffic light, was stopped by officials of War Against Indiscipline(WAI) on Monday. 

According to the gist, when they stopped the woman on Sapele Road, in Benin, she pleaded with them that she was rushing her son to the hospital as he was sick.

Unfortunately, the WAI officials refused to listen to her, but instead they  jumped into her car and  allegedly dragged the steering from her ; causing the car to almost hit a passerby in the process. That is when things got ugly as the woman alleged that one of them hit her in the face.

When this happened, the officials took to their heels, but the woman held onto the one that hit her; giving him the beating of his life. People who were around the vicinity, made no attempt to rescue the poor man as they were visibly angry.

Loool!! The man tried himself sha!! Did he not see the person he slapped? What was he thinking. That she can't beat living day light out of him because she is a woman? Hehehe!!

More pics after the jump

On a more serious note though, these WAI officials and Oshiomole boys should be called to order. They always harass people unnecessarily....especially women. 
It is not advisable for any woman to drive alone in Edo State again. You should have someone in the car with you, specifically, a man unless they could pounce on you....guilty or not.

Oh well!! Heard the man was arrested by the police.

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