Saturday, 7 February 2015

Eedris Abdulkarim alleges Tony Montana broke up 90's group the Remedies

This is according to an interview  he granted SunNews. We all know the very first Remedy to try his thing solo was Tony Montana in the hit single "Omote Meta" (hope I wrote that right :-) ).
Read excerpts from the interview below....
If you ask me what caused the separation I will say nothing. We did 29 shows on the Rothmans Tour and when we were about to share the money, someone was like ‘guy, what is your contribution in this group?’ It was such a funny question. And then the guy changed his ways maybe because one of them wanted to go solo. I was not the one that brought the idea of separation. If you remember, one of us dropped his own single while we were still in the group. He even told me that one will do better going solo because whether I like it or not, one day, everybody will go solo. So I took up the challenge and I did my best. I was so close to both of them so basically we didn’t have any problem really.

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