Saturday, 7 February 2015

Kim K reveals she likes sekkkks from the back and no D**k is too big

We have all seen the shocking love magazine pictures. Now read the interview where she  wasn't exactly conservative with her answers. Excerpts from the interview below.....

On being nekkkid........
‘I like n&%$ty. Kanye always says, “Dress sexier” – he’s always the most encouraging,’

On who she would love to swap bodies with
You always want what you can’t have,’
‘I’d love to swap bodies with Kendall for just a week, just to look from that little bit higher up and fit into everything perfectly.

On being tired of the fact that people can't get over the fact she made a sekks tape...
"Maybe that's how some people heard about me but I didn't launch my career off of that. That was 12 years ago, no 13 years ago now, so I just try to move on and put it in the past because I think that everyone in life does things they're not proud of but you can't sit and dwell on them forever."

Her favorite sekkkssss position

(with a man) is “from the back.” Oh, and there’s no such thing as “too big”.

On if she would ever sleep with a woman

Kim would not ever like to have sekkks with another woman though. She’s not even curious.

She's tired of people who claim she has no talent.....
"We've had more episodes than 'I Love Lucy!' And I'm proud that we give so many people jobs. Like, our lighting guy handing me a key chain last season and said, 'I just want to thank you -- I've worked for you guys for eight seasons and you helped me buy a house.' So I get a little bit frustrated at people not understanding. Like when they ask, 'What do you do?' I mean, what an uneducated question! And I just want to help change the perception that being on a reality show is such a negative thing."

On wearing spanx
“I always pee all over my Spanx, it’s a disaster. “They aren’t crotchless enough!”

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