Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Nigeria Sports minister is thinking of hiring Jose Mourinho to be our football coach

Word has it that Nigeria is thinking of hiring Jose Morinho if their plans of retaining Keshi does not work out. According to our Sports minister, Tam Danagogo...........
"What I have urged the NFF to do is to make sure that should Keshi not be given the job, a coach with a lesser pedigree than Keshi should not be employed. I have said we should encourage our local coaches.

Many have argued that presently Keshi is the best we have for now, while others are of the view that he has done his best. 
What I am saying is this, if Keshi declines the job, let’s look for another competent hand from the home front. But if we must get a foreign coach, then we must get the best hands not just any foreign coach.”
And when we say the best hands, we should be looking at coaches in the class of the Jose Mourinho’s of this world, Pep Guardiola… Those are the kind of coaches we should be looking at."

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