Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Photo: Eku Edewor blasted over Thisday Style Mag Photos + She reacts

Nigerian social media has been up in arms after images from ThisdayStyle  pics emerged and proud Deltans  Eku Edewor and  Lynxx were the stars of the shoot.

Now, I must confess that when I saw the pics early this morning ( I couldn't post them cos I was running late for work)  the first thing that struck me was the "styling". 

If the concept is supposed to be Nigerian, why not use our indigenous costumes all through. It is not enough accessorizing with Coral beads and throwing what I think is George fabric across Lynxx'  stunning bod (dude should be a professional model though *dang*), that suit had no business being there. As for Eku's dress, I am not feeling it for the theme of the shoot. 

I understand they might have intended modelling the shoot after what Vogue would show the world  as "African fashion2, but shouldn't we as Africans show the world what real African fashion is all about?

Now, to why people were up in arms; the interpretation of the kids supposedly  acting as slaves to white Eku. Truth be told, I did not see it that way until people started talking. I guess a picture can evoke different feelings and diverse opinions. Art is meant to spark conversations and evoke emotions and this shoot succeeded in doing that.
Anyhoo, Eku got wind of the backlash and has responded via her twitter account.......

More and the controversial images after the jump

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