Monday, 9 March 2015

Pst. Matthew Ashimolowo reveals why the UK Government is after him and that God loves homosexuals

The pastor granted an interview recently where he revealed that God loves homosexual. He also revealed why he feels the UK government is after him. Excerpts........

On why the UK government is after him.....When you are a minority in any place and you have such extreme breakthrough and success, chances are that you will attract attention- good, bad and ugly. You will find that anything called a Commission would give legal reasons for their actions, but sometimes when you examine and discover that the same legal reasons were not applied to everybody in your circumstance, you begin to feel there may be other reasons. Looking back, it was just God that brought us out of the challenge. I say so because nobody has ever been fraught with all the machinery of the government and come out clean with a testimony.

On allegations of Tax evasion.........
No, there was no such thing. Did you read that in the commission’s statement? Nigerians 

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 just draw all kinds of conclusions; churches don’t pay tax, so the commission couldn’t have said that we evaded tax. Instead of the church paying tax in the UK, the government gives back money to churches because of its members who pay tax. Nigerians who do not know what the Charity Commission means and stands for came up with that notion.

On God loving Homosexuals......
 God created marriage for people to find procreation, mutual help, comfort and strength. When God started marriage, it was for Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. God loves all men and he loves homosexuals. It’s just that the constitution of God which is the Bible, speaks against the practice....................... (I)was one of 10 people who signed and put our conviction about God’s original idea of the marriage institution in major newspapers. One of the fallouts is the persecution that comes from taking such a stance. We cannot run away from what we believe. If God had wanted same sexes to marry, he would have created other methods of procreation. We don’t come out to say we hate homosexuals because we love them; God loves them but the bible is against the practice.

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