Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Yeoal Exclusive: Before and after photos of Nigerian celebrities who allegedly had Plastic Surgery (Part 1)

All over the world, women are obsessed with looking good. While some do it through the old fashion way of diet and exercise, some go through dangerous and expensive procedures ala plastic surgery. Plastic surgery which was otherwise alien to most Nigerian women was made popular in early 2000 by Edo State born beautician and entrepreneur, Modupe Ozuola.

While most women performed their procedures and even admitted to them, others have left us guessing; did they or did they not get work done? Join me as we count down the first part of Nigerian celebrities who may have altered their physical features via plastic surgery.
Nike Oshinowo
 For a while now, people have accused ex beauty queen, Nike Oshinowo of having various procedures done on her face. People allege she had shots of botox on her face. According to them, her smile is not the way it used to be. Check out the pic on the left of when she was crowned and her pic on the cover of Complete Fashion Mag. Do you actually notice any difference?

Agbani Darego:
Agbani Darego is the beauty queen who not only brought glory and pride to Nigeria, she also made history in the black community, worldwide, as the first black woman to ever win the Miss World title.

Shortly after her win, specifically, while she was allegedly toying with the idea of going into modelling full time, people noticed something different about her face and  started whispering that she had gotten cheek  implants to give her face the model, chisel cut feature. Now I am not saying she got work done, but check out the before and after pics above and you be the judge.

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Nike Oshinowo:
Yep!! It is Nike again and this time it is her nose. The pics are here to do the talking on this one not me. What says ye!!…….nose job or nah?!

Karen Igho….
When the BBA winner was hit with allegations that she had work done on her bobby, she did not deny but instead revealed that she removed lumps from her bossoms and in the process had work done.

She is the beautiful songstress who burst on the scene in late 2009 with award winning songs. The singer who has been relatively absent on the music scene has gotten people talking never the less. Peeps are talking about her big b00ty. She shocked everyone when we saw a new and bigger Mo’botty. While people swear she has had work done, others point to the fact that she may have gotten the” new b00ty” via exercise. Whatever the case maybe, I’m sure the guys are not complaining. 

Apart from her obvious 360 degree change in skin colour, this Cameroonian born, Nigerian singer, has also had work done on her bosoms. The photo evidence aside, her ex best friend, Liz Garv, revealed that the singer was not only into the business of hooking people up with surgeons for a fee, she was also interested with having work done… Read an excerpt from a statement she released in 2012 about the singer… ..

"She talked my eyes off about me being black and fat, till I agreed to follow her to the surgeon at least for consultation. By then my friend Blossom, had come to meet me in Los Angeles because we were due to go to Las Vegas. We all later went to see the surgeon and he quoted $18,000 for liposuction, of course I made it known that I couldn’t afford it. There and then the doctor stated that he could not give a discount because there was an agreement with Reprudencia, that if she introduced 3 clients she would get a body makeover, it dawned on me then that she was trying to make us pay for her surgeries. "
Judging from the pics, I guess she went ahead with her plans.



  1. Women. They are the only ones that would do this nonsense.

  2. When Dencia dies,they will not b able 2 ID her in heaven cos she is not the same person.

  3. Plastic surgery has become more commons day by day. I believe beautify the nose hook will give a shine to your face.


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