Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Meet Lelesit Silvana, the Kenyan woman Jose Mourinho, allegedly almost left his wife for

Rumour has it that this Kenyan lady, Lelesit Silvana, is alleging that Jose Mourinho almost left his wife for her 5 years ago.
According to one of her family members, Lelesit made several visits to Poland to meet the controversial but talented coach.

Lelesit is alleged to have met Mourinho for the first time  in 2010, during his stay at the prestigious Almanara Luxury Villas, in Diani. He is said to have lodged there with his wife, Matilda Faria Mourinho and their kids.
Matilde Faria Mourinho
Matilde Faria Mourinho

It is also alleged that she sold Mourinho a Tanzanite bracelet worth Sh500,000 during their meeting. which she shipped to Poland as requested by the couch. The fact that she indeed delivered the bracelet to him in Poland, made his trust in her stronger.

This trait endeared him to her and that is how their affair allegedly started.

According to the source,
 "He is so deeply in love with her. We have seen several email chats and witnessed uncountable night calls between them," said our source who also availed to us exclusive travel receipts confirming visits to Europe".

This is what Lelesit allegedly said when she was contacted for comment....

"When the right time comes, the whole world will know the whole truth".
“When the right time comes, the whole world will know the whole truth,” - See more at:

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