Friday, 24 July 2015

Nigerian Born rapper, Wale, rocks shirt from Nigerian designer Zinicouture, to visit Pres. Obama

Nigerian born rapper, Wale, was spotted recently wearing a shirt designed by Nigeria fashion house, "Zinicouture" (looks like the top of a male Kaftan though) when he visited American president, Pres. Obama at the White House.

Zinicouture is the official clothier for indigenous Nigerian rapper, Olamide. Olamide featured Wale on one of his singles (can't remember the title), so it is safe to say that maybe Olamide was the connect or maybe he even gifted him with the shirt when he visited Nigeria.

Wale was invited by the first lady, Michelle Obama to a summit to mentor kids to overcome obstacles and succeed in college. Over 130 students attended the "beating the odds" summit, where Wale told them that college taught him to be self made.     

Keep the hustle on guys, never give up and always put your best foot forward. Because you never know how, when and WHERE your work will be featured.  Congrats Zinicouture.

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