Friday, 24 July 2015

Photos: Meet Caroline Cossey, the first transgender Woman to pose for Playboy

Her name is Caroline Cossey (born Barry Cossey) and she she appeared in Playboy for the first  time in 1991. 
According to Caroline, she realised she was attracted to boys after she had sekkks education in school.............
Having my assigned gender match the way I felt inside was always a struggle. When I was born, I was identified as male because I had male genitals, but as many people now know, your gender really has nothing to do with what's between your legs. As I developed further, I couldn't identify with anything my brother was doing, and I just felt better dressing up and playing with dolls with my sister. As years went on, I went through school getting picked on and bullied, and I mostly survived by hiding away.

Later, when we had sekks education at school, I realized I wasn't attracted to girls and was more attracted to boys. At that point, I just assumed I was gay, but that wasn't right for me either because then, years later, when I was letting my hair grow long, boys weren't finding me attractive because the boys liked boys who looked like boys. Then I'd try to go into gay clubs and they wouldn't let me in because they thought I was a drag queen. It wasn't until I met someone who was transitioning that I just felt like, Yes! This is for me

On why she posed for Playboy.................
After I felt stronger, I began to work again, but sadly, I was only really being offered transsexual roles and even did a beer ad that said, "She's coming your way, but she's a he." It was all this gimmicky stuff that made me feel exploited, especially since I'd already had success as a female model and now was being treated like a gimmick and not a person. However, when I was invited to the Playboy mansion and was asked to pose for Playboy, I wanted to do it because I wanted to show all the jocks and heterosexual Playboy readers that transgender people could be sexy and attractive and help them lose the preconceived notions they had about us.

More Playboy pics and a pic of Caroline as a little boy after the jump *NSFW*

As a lil boy, Barry Cossey

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