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#CelebrateEdoState.......List of Obas that ever ruled the great Benin Kingdom

Present Oba of Benin, Oba Erediauwa

Edo State is blessed with diverse tribes and communities but the major tribe in the State is the Benin tribe and their Oba is one of the most respected and powerful king in Nigeria.

Join me as we count down the list of all the Obas that have ruled the great Benin Kingdom...........

1st Oba Eweka I & the beginning of Oba Era {About 1200AD-1235AD}

2nd Oba Uwakhuanhen { About 1235AD-1243AD}

Oba Ehenmihen

{About 1243AD-1255AD}

4th Oba Ewedo {About 1255AD-1280AD}

5th Oba Oguola

{About 1280AD-1295AD}

6th Oba Edoni

7th Oba Udagbedo { About1299AD-1334AD}

8th Oba Ohen


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9th Oba Ogbeka
{About 1370AD- 1400AD}

Oba Orobiru
{About 1400AD- 1430AD}

11th Oba Uwaifiokun {About1430AD-1440AD}

12th Oba Ewuare the Great {About 1440AD-1473AD}

Oba Ezoti
{About 1473AD1473AD}

14th Oba Olua
{About 1473AD-1480AD}

15th Oba Ozolua {About1481AD-1504AD}

16th Oba Esigie {About1504-1550AD}


Oba Orhogbua


Oba Ehengbuda {About 1578AD-1606AD

Oba Ohuan {About1606AD-1641AD}

Oba Ahenzae

21st Oba Akenzae
{About 1661AD-1669AD}

22nd Oba Akengboi {About 1669AD-1675AD}

23rd Oba Akenkpaye {Abou1675AD-1684AD}

24th Oba Akengbodo {About 1684AD-1689AD

Oba Oroghene


Oba Ewuakpe


27th Oba Ozuere


28th Oba Akenzua I
{About 1713AD- 1735AD}

29th Oba Eresoyen {About 1735 AD-1750AD}

30th Oba Akengbuda

Oba Obanosa {About 1804AD-1816AD}

Oba Ogbebo
{About 1816AD-1816AD}

33rd Oba Osemwende {About 1816AD-1848

34th Oba Adolor

{About 1848AD-1888AD}

35th Oba Ovoranmwen

36th Oba Eweka II

37th Oba Akenzua II

38th Oba Erediauwa

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