Thursday, 20 August 2015

Expert warns that Nigeria might experience drought and famine

Blessing Oladele who is from the Agriculture and Allied Employees’ Union of Nigeria has asked the federal government to listen to the warning given by Nigeria Meteorological Agency that the country may experience food scarcity due to low rainfall. He asked the federal government to invest in irrigation projects to boost water supply......
“The states in the South-West, particularly Ekiti, have very low rainfall this year and it has started manifesting. So, our governments must invest in our dams, so that we can have irrigation projects that can respond to this kind of situation. My task is to ensure that agriculture is repositioned in the South-West, and we shall achieve that. I am encouraging members of all the unions, including the Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress, to invest in farming and we are receiving warm reception.Fayose’s stomach infrastructure policy has become a brand and we have to embrace it. The only alternative to our economic survival now is farming, which is food production, and we have to live by that reality.” 

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