Sunday, 16 August 2015

Jonathan's agric revolution was a scam on us ............ Oshiomole

According to the current Governor of Edo State, the agricultural revolution which was embarked on by the immediate past president of Nigeria was a scam. This is what he told Thenation exclusively....

“The agriculture revolution was one of the advertised achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan but we have since realised that it was purely a scam on us. It is also a policy contradiction where a government will give waivers and support importers to import what can be produced locally, thereby putting its own people out of business while enriching other nations. Local manufacturers that produce locally are punished. Unfortunately for us, rice millers imported rice without even paying duties, as a nation we should not be seen to be importing what is locally produced. Where then is the success story in the sector? Agriculture is not about bow-ties and designers suits but hard facts that cannot be uncontroverted.” 

Jonathan's agric revolution was a scam on us ............ Oshiomole

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