Thursday, 20 August 2015

Meet 19yr old Miss Virginity, Mosunmola Oladipo

 Miss Mosunmola Oladipo is a nursing student who attends Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) .

According to the 19 year old, determination is the key to preserving your virginity......

"It’s all about self-determination. It is about knowing what you want to achieve. It is a thing of honour to be a virgin.”
 The organiser of the contest, Princess Adunni Adediran,, revealed that physical tests were not carried out to determine if indeed the girls were virgins because, parents complained that the girls were being violated in the past......
“I was thinking of our female children who men repeatedly use to satisfy their carnal desires before they are finally dumped. These girls will have undergone several abortions till their wombs are damaged. And when they marry they cannot have children. Some girls even run mad.”
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Some of the 52 contestants were mobilised by a Muslim cleric, Alfa Sharafadeen Bulala.

When he saw our handbills, he was excited at the prospects and invited virgins in his mosque and the surrounding neighbourhood.

When we started, we had a veteran gynaecologist helping us – Naimdeem Adeikemade. But some parents were grumbling that we were violating the privacy of their children by inspecting their privates. The ministry of health also wrote me a letter in 2009 on the same issue.

This time around, God forbid that anyone who is not a virgin would come here to contest. I’m not testing them but they don’t know.”

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