Monday, 24 August 2015

Photos: Eniola Badmus would have stunned at her UK movie premier, BUT.......

....... For the makeup.  The actress would have looked lovely. I love the dress. As a matter of fact I love the entire look....except the makeup. I wanted to put stunning because she actually looked stunning,BUT the makeup ruined the look.

I remember an incidence when I applied my makeup in a hurry and in a relatively dark room  and immediately I stepped out, feeling all fly, like a berra sombori, the peeps at home started laughing calling me "Fanta face, Coca Cola body". Well, Eniola's  face here,  reminded me of my own that day.
I love Eniola.....I really do. So it hurts me that this had to happen to her. 

There is a bright side though. Heard alot of people turned up for the movie. That means plenty 'Igho' in her pocket. Congrats to her.
 More pics after the jump


  1. Gbozgboz bigz girls. Lol

  2. why on earth must u wanna say something to every picture celebs post on instagram.........i see nothing wrong in the pictures ...... the camera flash made her face look that way.........bloggers make una dey reason before posting any false stories.
    if you don't have catchee news then go write tales stories pls beware!! beware!!!! beware!!!

  3. Her face looks like puff puff.


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