Friday, 8 January 2016

Should mothers breast-feed in Public?

Yesterday, I gisted you guys about Wendy Williams' views on breast feeding.While I disagree with her on most of the things she said, I have to admit, I kinda agree on one thing she said..... that mothers should not breast-feed in public.

For some reason, I feel it is not right. I remember an aunt who had the habit of whipping out her b00bs in public, to breast feed her then little one. You could just walk in on her and she won't mind if you are there looking at her 'booby' or not. :-)
I also remember vividly a woman who  nor send anyone at all when she breast-fed her baby in church.........during church service.
 I remember saying to myself, "can't this woman go to a private place to feed her child"? I was extremely young then and I found it weird.........and I still do.
Well, I might be wrong? #SchoolMe

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