Thursday, 7 January 2016

Wendy Williams feels the b00bs should be used as fun bags during seks and not for breast-feeding

Controversial talk show host, Wendy Williams has revealed that she does not think mothers should breast feed their kids. She feels the b00bs should only be used for fun during seks *wide eyed shocked*.

She made this revelation when actress Alyssa Milano was a guest on her show.

Her guest Alyssa believes breast feeding is a beautiful and natural thing and usually shares pics of her breast feeding in public.
When Wendy told her she doesn't want to see women breast feed in public but they should go to their car instead, they both got into an interesting debate.

When Alyssa asked why it's OK for women like Miley Cyrus (whose revealing pic was displayed earlier in the show during Hot Topics) and CoCo T to act in a raunchy manner when they put out their b00bs, Wendy said she'd rather see breasts over sexualized than used for breast feeding.

According to her, b00bs should be seeen as "fun bags," as she called them.

When asked if she ever breastfed her son Kevin, Jr., she says she only did so for two weeks. According to her, he became "too ravenous" after that.
Oh well!! 

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