Friday, 26 February 2016

Benita Okojie to Women......"Why do you think you can change a man"

The Edo State born former child star shared the following on men and relationships.....
Dear Sister, understand that you’re not God. You can’t create any human so why then do you think you can change a man? Often times, women in love give excuses for why men treat them badly or have dangerous habits. Instead of leaving and praying for him from a distance. They stay and believe that they are agents of change.

Sometime ago, I was told a real life story of how a man changed his religion because he was in love. He started going to church, Even joined the work force just to get the lady’s attention. After he married her. He went back to his former religion and his old ways. The lady became miserable.

If a man is going to change. It should be for the right reasons and it is God that changes a man because if Truth be told, ask those who are married… they say love is not enough to keep a marriage but God is enough to keep a marriage and everything else! As I type this, Samson comes to mind. But that’s for another day.

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