Monday, 15 February 2016

Daniel Craig to quit the James Bond Franchise

It has been confirmed. Daniel Craig will not be reprising the role of James Bond again. The British born star has signed up for another role in a new American TV series 'Purity'. 
This should not come as a shock to his fans as he has expressed his unwillingness to reprise the role again after his last bond movie 'Spectre'.
When asked if he would play the role again, he told Time out magazine.... 

I’d rather break this glass and sl@$h my wrists.  'We’re done. All I want to do is move on'.

The actor also revealed that if he were to do the film again, it won't be for the love of the art, he would be doing it for the money...... 'it would only be for the money.’

Daniel Craig is the highest paid bond character  till date as he was paid £7.38million for Skyfall.It is reportedly also the first Bond movie to break the one billion dollar mark.

May I suggest the next Bond......Idris Elba please!!. :-)

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