Tuesday, 23 February 2016

" I would put naira back to 200 in one month".........Ifeanyi Ubah

The politician was a guest on Channels yesterday when he boasted that he can make $1 exchange for N200 again.

Excerpts from his comment below....

Look at the economy, look at the position of the naira today; some of us have ideas on how we can restore this. Do you know how many Burea De Change people who food has been taken out of their families because of this? If you say they are the ones causing it, then where are you today?”

“It needs strategic management. It won’t take me one month, if you give me part of that consultancy, naira would come back to 200. I can bet my life with it, naira would come back to N200. If you call me for that consultancy, I would put naira back to 200.”

Watch the video where he made the controversial statement after the jump

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