Friday, 26 February 2016

Photos: Nigerian bride walks down the aisle in Iro and Buba

A Nigerian bride named Caroline did something that has never been done before.....she walked down the aisle in Iro and Buba, complete with veil. *shocked face*.
According to the story, the video man wanted to capture the dress from the best angle so he hung the dress on the ceiling. Unfortunately, he mistakenly hung Caroline’s gown on a burst emergency sprinkler on the ceiling.This triggered the sprinkler which covered everywhere, including her dress with brown, dirty water.
As expected, the bride cried her eyes out.  After everyone calmed her down, she decided that instead of wasting time waiting for the dry cleaners, she could just walk down the aisle in her Iro and buba she planned to change into later. As for her bobo the groom,Oluwatobi, he just had to go with the flow and rock his agbada to complement his Mrs.

After they said their vows, she was told that her wedding dress was ready and she wore it during her reception. By the way, the wedding took place on valentine's day (14/2/2016).

Dang!!! Both cool and not so cool. I can imagine what the video man went through......hehehe...she must have scratched his eyes out....well almost.:-)
She looked cool though.
 Check out the white wedding dress that almost did not make it after the jump

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  1. it is not nan accident...everything was planned. The quest for fame is real.


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