Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Amber Rose slams Pink over Kim Kardashian

It all started when musician Pink posted a message on women's day . The singer shaded Kim Kardashian in the message for posing nekkid. Well, Kim's former enemy(?) and nightmare, Amber Rose, defended the reality star in a message where she expressly called out Pink and slammed her for 'slut shaming' Kim Kardashian. Read the message below....
But wait a minute, I thought both Kim and Amber were enemies. She even claimed Kim is the reason she broke up with Kanye West in the past. Oh well, I guess in life, there are no permanent friends or enemies. Just permanent interests and the interest these 2 have in each other right now is 'slut walk'. :-)

Read her message of encouragement and solidarity to Kim after the jump

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