Monday, 14 March 2016

Check out the before and after pics of this Igbinedion University student who bleached his skin …….he looks like a woman now

His name is  Joshua Agai. He is a model and makeup artist. He has modeled for some brands like Diva designs, Kevmiester, LPII Company and at an MTN sponsored event.   Joshua who is a student of theater arts at Igbinedion University revealed that despite his feminine looks he is not gay.He however revealed  he has always seen himself as a mannequin. He also revealed that he would love to be ‘Mr. World’ but people won’t accept him with his make-up.

Naturally, I look like a girl, besides people must talk about you ;if you are different they will all say all kinds of things about you. I don't care what people are saying about me. I am not gay, I’m just a guy with dreams and work so hard for it; so if they like they should talk, it is not my business. Our love for our passion is what makes us standout from the crowd; this is just my style.

On if dressing like a girl qualifies people as gay………. No, because most guys are born feminine and that is just them, people need to accept them for who they are. I’m not gay but I believe most of them are not but some are that are, does not mean they will not be accepted here in Nigeria. Some of them are born just like that; what they need is our love and prayers and nothing more. Most of them are talented and we need to give them the chance to showcase their talent. I believe it was God that created them too. I think that not all guys who dress like females are gay.

There you have it, before you guys scream he is gay, he said he isn't. Check out his before and after pictures below..

Joshua before his 'skin bleach'

More pictures after the jump

 Joshua after his 'skin bleach'



  1. u can't be 4 real. this is not d same

  2. this one is a man now....anal cancer is real.

  3. Oh pulllzzzz! Wat if he bleached. is it ur body. wat if he is gay, is it ur anuuus. U people shud learn to mind ur business.


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