Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Photos: Edo State First Lady, Iara Fortez Oshiomole, launches pet project

The first lady launched her pet project, "We Care Trust" in Benin today. According to the first lady, she was moved to start the pet project because of the love the kids showed her the first time she came  to the State.

“When I came to Benin, I saw little children full of love, joy, clapping their hands, dancing and singing, welcoming me. I remember coming here, feeling overwhelmed with their love, the joy that these kids showed me. I remember these little children that live in some not too beautiful condition. I feel the joy, I love them.

“I remember that people that were with me couldn’t keep their eyes from tears. Everybody was shedding tears. Meanwhile, these children were welcoming us as strangers into their homes, and some of them even into their rooms with all their hearts, full of love and joy. This is what I cannot forget.

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“We have to be honest. There is something special about our Nigerian children. These children are naturally happy, and I cannot deny it. So, what we always hear is love, love, love. Love is something that grows. If you keep love, if you choose love, love will continue to choose you. So, my friends, let’s come together and let’s choose love. And we cannot do it alone, we have to do this together.

“We have to start giving this love back, we have to try to get these children a better life. We have to do that together.

“So, I am asking all my friends, family members, please, help me in this. Thank you very much for listening and God bless you.”

The governor's tenure is expected to expire in a few months. is never too late to pursue a worthy cause.

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