Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Photos: Road side black market sellers take over sale of fuel + NNPC workers go on strike

As the fuel scarcity bites harder, commuters have been forced to resort to buying from ‘black market’ sellers and boy are they making money. From what I gathered, these road side ‘resellers’ sell a litre of fuel from N180 upwards.
Now, the exorbitant price isn’t the only downside in this ‘arrangement’. I hear some of them mix the fuel with other things like kerosene. God save you if you are unlucky to buy this, because it can affect your engine…..someone claims it can even destroy it.
You spend exorbitant amount of money you shouldn’t and if you are unlucky to buy the ‘PMS concoction’ your car engine breaks down.

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 You spend money you aren’t supposed to, money you did not budget for, when, you take it to the mechanic for repairs. That one would charge you exorbitantly and when you complain he would tell you “aunty you nor know say dollar don go up? Besides nor be my fault say government nor gree give us fuel”. 

When you blurt out in frustration that dollar has nothing to do with this  he would tell you to tell the market women that one because ‘tomatoes and pepper don cost for market’ and nah this hand work dey make me give my wife money make e take go market’. Besides aunty, fuel nor dey so how they go come take bring all the tomatoes and yam dem from village’’?
You can’t but give up because he has a point, but not without trying your luck at bargaining further when you tell him dollar or no dollar I nor dey pay you that kain money. “Nah d one when I go kukuma park this car you want make I do”.
I know I am just making mouth though because most taxi and bus drivers have even parked their vehicles and the ones still working have hiked their prices up.

In related gist, staff of NNPC have gone on an indefinite strike over the decision of the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources and Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr. Ibe Kachikwu,to split the agency into 30 profit-making companies with separate Managing Directors.

They are angry that the GMD took the decision without consulting them. They have ordered all the NNPC outlets to shut down indefinitely.


But wait a minute, when will this vicious cycle of pain and hardship end? Oh well!! We just have to pray all this wahala would end soon. 

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  1. Nigerians should not complain.....dis is d change dey voted 4.


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