Thursday, 3 March 2016

Watch this interview of Ubi Franklin and Lilian Esoro where the actress reveals how the dramatic proposal went down

Watch this video where Ubi Franklin and his wife, Lilian Esoro talked about their life as a couple, how they met and how Ubi popped the question.

According to Lilian Esoro, Ubi's proposal was dramatic as he pulled up to a movie set, where she was performing in a long convoy.

............My proposal was a drama in between a drama scene because he actually came to propose on set while I was filming. All of a sudden inside the estate I just saw a fleet of cars as they were coming with their full lights and I was trying to even clear from the road…so we went to the side and they just parked. I turned around and I just saw people with their phones and familiar faces that I knew and the next thing he sprang out of nowhere and went on his knees and I can’t even remember everything he was saying [Ubi: I forgot my lines].

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