Friday, 1 April 2016

Pictures: Meet the Love of My Life :-)

One of the things I decided to do, this year, on this blog is to be more open. I want to connect with readers of this blog. So I can get your advise on everything going on...... including 'some' happenings  in my life. :-).
 I always like it when I hear from you guys on this blog. I want you all to feel my joy and share in my pain. 
What better way to start the new month, than to start it with my joy....the love of my life. Ain't nothing wrong in showing him off lovelies. :-)

*Oya, Yeoal, enough of the mystery. reveal the pic of you guys together jor*..........after the jump ... :-)

Hehehe!! If you clicked on this post, you like tafia more than me. *lool*

1 comment:

  1. I knew it was a lie when I saw it....nice try though.


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