Tuesday, 3 May 2016

"My advise to Tiwa is not to create any stir or to say that I know too much"................R & B singer, Paul I. K Dairo

The singer joins other male celebs who feel she shouldn't have granted the interview stating her own side of the story concerning her marital problems. Read what he wrote below.......
" Tiwa is on my mind. I listened to her interview on Nigeria info Abuja yesterday. First of all I want to make it clear that she is one of the few truly talented artistes on our soil. When she sings I feel proud to be a Nigerian.
This is my message to her:
My dear Tiwa, the media world loves bad news and the prey on successful people's scandal. time don't grant any interview on your private life. Keep your private issues within the four walls of your home. I know you want people to know your side of the story but you don't really owe anybody any explanation.
You know what u went through and why you've made your decision. Let the world bother about your musical career while you deal with your private issues privately.I'm giving this advise from experience in the game.
Sometimes Silence speaks more than a million words!!! Shalom!"

He however back tracked when he was criticized for his comments.......

Read what he said after the jump below......

" This is my reply to those few people who didn't see my point on yesterday's advise.
Celebrities are not gods, they are not saints or leaders. They are just people who caught other people's attention by expressing their talent/skills
I believe there is no man created by God that is not a celebrity. We are all stars in our own right.
Some of us are just more popular than you.
I've had so many stints with the media and over the years I have scaled many controversial hurdles by being calm and quiet Before I address any issue.
I've had issues with my former record label, stories about my ordeal in South Africa, stories about my Marriage, a producer coming up with allegations on my hit song " angel of my life "
and others I can't recall at the moment .

the media fed on these storIes but I didn't give them the honour of hearing anything from me.
First of all I'm not a saint and I don't expect to be seen as one. but I have the right to my privacy and what goes on in my life.
without my music nobody will know me or even give a damn about my existence.
so why Shouldn't they concentrate on that aspect of my life and leave me to deal with my personal issues?
There's no home without a problem. there's no career without issues. We just try to rise above them all.
Beyonce knew JayZ was cheating but she didn't say a word. no comment , no press conference ...Her response was a long silence while The world craved to see the drama.
Now she came out with LEMONADE and told us to part with our cash if we want to know what she has been going through in her marriage.
She killed two birds wIth one Stone.
First of all she dragged us back to the real reason we got to know her in the first place: her music
Secondly she settled down and must have consulted her PR team to address the issues in her private life.
That's how a celebrity should handle issues.
But she handled it the best way she could at her own time and in her own space.

I've been a fan of R Kelly for decades and I don't even know his wife Not to talk of his kids . He did that so we can concentrate on why we know him in the first place: music.
My advise to Tiwa is not to create any stir or to say that I know too much.
I will say it again that i did because I like her MUSIC and I'm inspired by her TALENT
Shalom" .

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  1. This has been should shut up. Everybody wants 2 b relevant tru dis.


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