Saturday, 22 October 2016

CNN profiles Nigerian artist, Victor Ehikhamenor

 The Edo State born, Nigerian artist,Victor Ehikhamenor, is an artist who has had his work used by literary giant, Chimamanda Adichie.
He  has revealed in the past that he was influenced by his grandmother who was a cloth weaver. He also credits his uncle was also a photographer, his maternal grandfather a blacksmith, and his mother, a local artist as great influences. The painter and photographer granted CNN an interview where he talked about art in Nigeria.He also revealed that he draws his inspiration from his village..........

"From there I expand to the world because it's from that source that I see the world."

"You have photographers, you have writers, you have filmmakers so we have to figure out a way to harness this and make sure we don't lose that traction and we don't have people being discouraged."
"seeing some of the kids now dressed as Americans," Ehikhamenor reflected. "I was wondering how the culture is getting to them, because there was only about maybe three or four people that have a TV in the village."

"I realized that every time I travel back and visit my village, one person has died," said Ehikhamenor. "These are the people that I grew up knowing as uncles, as aunts, they were vibrant, they were dancers, they were the ones that would make sure they disciplined you if you weren't doing well at school." 

 Read his complete CNN feature here.
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