Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Kevin Hart admits he messed up his first marriage

The funny man who got married at 22 said admitted that he had a hand in the breakup of his first marriage. ........
"I was young on my first marriage, Chelsea.I'm not ashamed to say it, guys. I got married at the age of 22. I was still all over the place. I didn't really understand the definition of marriage. I wasn't ready for it, so I take responsibility. I can say I messed my first marriage up. I'm man enough to say that.

At the same time, that was when I was in the prime of my sexy, so don't blame me. That's when I was figuring it out."

He is seen collecting his star on the Walk of Fame in the picture above. He is flanked by his ex-wife, their kids and his current wife.

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