Saturday, 22 October 2016

Kim Kardashian to bounce back with more subdue and ‘holy’ look

This is according to a DailyMail excluisive….Excerpt

'So it [the robbery] was perfect timing in the sense that this time away from the spotlight is giving her the chance to really focus on rebranding herself and what that will look like.'

Kim has only been spotted three times since the Oct. 3 incident - one when she left Paris and then when she arrived and left Manhattan - which is unusual for the normally omnipresent star. She is currently lying low at her mom's sprawling mansion in the exclusive Calabasas suburb of LA.

But that's all for a good cause because, ever the businesswoman, Kim is now planning to emerge reinvented.

That means setting aside the bling, the revealing outfits and the outrageous magazine covers, and focusing instead on a lower-key look and charity work, the source said.

'She doesn't feel she needs to define herself by all the glitz and flashiness of it all,' the friend of the family said.

'So she'll probably re-emerge a little more subdued – she's talking about doing less make-up, no more showy  photo shoots, more covered up, doing a lot of charity work.'

'She also feels that it's time for her to temper the flashiness of her brand image – the diamonds, the Rolls Royces and the other stuff, the furs and all of that.'

Kim is going to be throwing her efforts at producing a more conservative - even holier - look, the source explained.

'She thinks you can be showy without being too revealing. She wants to wear clothes that are a little bit more conservative,' the person said.

'She wants to wear a cross – like as her signature, wearing a cross instead of lots of jewelry.

Kim's 'momager' Kris Jenner is of course providing Kim with advice, in particular on how to present herself after the robbery, the source added.

'Her mother told her she needs to portray it that she's a little bit more traumatized by it than she really was because it will incite more public sympathy for her.

'The longer that she stays away, the more compassion the fans will have for her and the more excited they will be about her comeback,' the family friend revealed.

The source also dismissed reports that Kim has hidden herself away because of trauma over the ordeal. 

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