Saturday, 29 October 2016

Mariah Carey never slept with ex fiance, James Parker....demands $50M

That is the gist going round. According to reports, the musician never slept with her billionaire ex. They always slept in separate rooms...on his yacht or in luxury hotels, they never slept in the same room.
Don't let her scanty clothes fool ya. She always had the reputation of keeping the cookie jar  shut. No hands in the picki, picki till marriage. 
As per what actually caused their split....there are allegations and counter allegations flying everywhere. While people from Mariah's camp claim Parker was jealous of her relationship with one of her dancers, his camp claims she was too extravagant....that she was spending his money excessively.....and speaking of money, the diva reportedly wants a piece of his money.........$50m to be precise. There are also reports that she is insisting on keeping her $10m engagement ring.

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