Saturday, 8 October 2016

NDLEA denies torturing Baba Suwe during arrest+ refuses to pay him N25m

We all remember the Baba Suwe, NDLEA Saga that went down a few years back (read here) . It seems the whole dust is still in the air. The actor's camp claims that he was tortured during his arrests, a claim the agency strongly denies.
According to the agency....
"The NDLEA did not torture Baba Suwe. If he was tortured, he would have said it himself. ‎This is just an unfounded rumour on the social media and it should be disregarded.As a matter of fact, Baba Suwe was given the best treatment. We treated him with due regard to the requirement of fundamental human rights globally. He was talking to his relatives and lawyer. He was never kept in a prison for the period that he stayed here because he was virtually under our observation.”
It has also been alleged that the agency refused to obey the court order that directed the agency to pay the actor N25m in damages.The agency claims they are not obligated to pay the actor since a substantive ruling by the Court of Appeal had directed‎ that the actor should not be paid.

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