Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Nigerian Air Force hits Boko Haram targets in Sambisa

According to reports, Nigerian Airforce hit several targets in Sambisa forest believed to be inhabited by Boko Haram members on Monday. As at now, it isn't clear if any Boko Haram member was hit during the air strike.
According to Group Captain Famuyiwa.......
“Yes, there was impact assessment carried out. Remember targets were not just bombed arbitrarily but carefully selected. Before and after the strike there were ISR missions carried out. Post-strike ISR missions, otherwise called Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) were also conducted at the end of the 1-week operation to be sure the objectives of the operations were achieved. In this case, this has to do with degree of success achieved with respect to the destruction of the selected targets which include new Boko Haram Terrorist (BHT) camps and logistics bases”.
There are no information as to whether specific BHT leader was hit or not. Of course, it should be expected that there would have been some key individuals among those killed but no information about who they are.”

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