Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Sen. Uzamere on the arrest of Judges...."The change must start from the Presidency"

Sen Uzamere is an Edo State politician. He gave his view on the arrest of judges over allegations of corruption. Read below.............

Our nation woke up a few days back with the sensational news of arrest of supreme court judges for alleged corruption in a coordinated sting operation. Huge sums of money in different currencies was alleged to have been found in their possession.

First of all, what is a sting operation? Webster's dictionary defines a sting operation as a complicated and clever plan that is meant to deceive someone especially in order to catch criminals. It is an elaborate confidence game specifically worked by undercover police in order to trap criminals. From this we draw a first conclusion that these judges are criminals. If indeed there is incontrovertible evidence that these judges are corrupt criminals, the best option would have been to present evidence to NJC, who in turn would sanction them. The operation carried out, definitely was not a sting operation but arrogant show of brute force whose only achievement is debasing of the last bastion of hope of the oppressed with its attendant resultant effect of further alienating the same foreign investors we desperately need for economic growth.

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This so called sting operation was carried out in the night and millions of naira; thousands of dollars, pounds and euro was found in the judges' possession. The questions begging for answers are, how many of these DSS operatives were involved in the operation and how much time did they spend counting the money to have confirmed same? Do we have a scenario here where the huge sum is mentioned to enrage citizens knowing the present state of our economy, and the most newsworthy news is news about sleaze and embezzlement of public funds.

I read a post allegedly from the DSS in which the organisation explained processes leading up to their operation. Among others, they claimed one of the judges collected bribe money from a supermarket while another traveled to a West African country for same purpose of bribe collection. They claimed such information was garnered from discreetly tailing them. Wouldn't nabbing these judges at such points therefore, have convinced us beyond doubt that these judges are indeed corrupt? Rather their manner of approach to an otherwise laudable effort at fighting corruption, has given so much room for doubt, insinuations and a portrayal of an inexperienced infantile watchdog.

It is very clear that our country is groping in throes of corruption. Many of us politicians are victims of skewed judgment at election tribunals and therefore understand that corruption is a malaise that must be eradicated if we are ever to move positively forward. There are a lot of allegations of corruption against some members of the present government. The much needed change should start with investigating them and prosecution if found culpable. I am sure if only one person is sanctioned, Nigerians will be convinced of sincerity of purpose and the fight against corruption could then start in earnest. The masquerade must dance at home. In other words, the change must start from the Presidency whose actions and inactions MUST NEVER smack of nepotism and favouritism; two ills of society that breed suspicion.

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