Sunday, 28 May 2017

Ex Gov. Oshiomole reveals he was once homeless

 The former governor of Edo State made the revelation when he visited refugees at an IDP camp in Edo State,  recently...
"Today they are in IDP camp but tomorrow they could be something else. I am never ashamed to tell people that when I got to Kaduna as a teenager, I still remember that, after staying in a police station for three nights because I had nobody to take care of me, I moved into Gwari camp where I stayed for two weeks before I found somewhere.

So my own life experience and listening to these kids when they have conversation with you, will be impressed about their level of intellect. And looking at their enthusiasm, they are not bogged down by self-pity. They have taken life as they found it and they are making the best of it. I think this is the challenge in every camp to recognize that IDPs need food but much more than that. If it is one month they spent in that place, they should learn something so that they don’t lose out".

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