Saturday, 24 June 2017

Yeoal Writes: 5 times Sen. Dino Melaye ruffled political feathers

As Sen. Dino Melaye engages in the biggest fight of his political career yet………the fight of not being the first lawmaker, in the history of Nigeria to be recalled by his constituents, let’s count down his most controversial statements that made him both popular and unpopular in some quarters……….

That time he said most PDP members are ex-convicts
He made the statement when PDP appointed Chief Bode George into a panel to reorganise its Board of Trustees.
“Almost everybody in the party (PDP) is an ex-convict, only time will tell. The party is about corruption, so corruption and corrupt persons mean nothing to them. He (Bode George) is still carrying our national honors and so you can see.”

That time he shaded Gov. Adams Oshiomole The senator stunned everyone when he openly made the statement that Nigerian men loved everything foreign including their women. The senator did not shoot blank with his statement as he is alleged to have openly made reference to the former governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomole, when in his bid to explain that Nigerians have an appetite for foreign things said Nigerians like Gov. Oshiomole prefer imported ladies to made-in-Nigeria women.

When he disrespected fellow senator, Sen. Remi Tinubu
It all started with the political battle to elect a Senate leader.

The senate chamber was divided into two; pro Sen. Bukola Saraki and pro Sen. Remi Tinubu. The former won but the latter wasn’t having it. The house became heated and you know what happens in the heat of the moment……unpleasant words are sometimes said.
At a meeting, Sen. Remi Tinubu reportedly said he acted both childishly and like a thug, Sen. Maleye did not let it go.He insulted Sen. Tinubu when he told her, to her face, that he would " beat her up, ….. impregnate her and nothing will happen".
This shocked most people in both camps. I say, it revealed how the average Nigerian views a woman…no matter how successful. Need I add the import of what he said? I don’t think so. No need to go there.

He shaded Chief Ahmed Tinubu It is one thing to insult someone, it is another thing to take it to her domain and throw it in her face. This is exactly what happened when Sen. Melaye went to the Bourdillon neighborhood of Bola Tinubu, husband of Sen Remi Tinubu. He went there to dare him after he insulted his wife. The former Lagos State governor did not respond,, neither did he retaliate.
Most people were stunned at the calmness of the Tinubus in all this. Political watchers weren’t. They claimed that Jagbagan was only bidding his time……he was waiting for the right time to strike.

His fallout with the governor of his State

The senator is currently at logger heads with the governor of his state, Gov. Yahaya Bello. The senator who accused the governor of sending assassins to kill him, allegedly plotted with other members of his party in his Abuja home to remove the governor, last month.
While some people feel his current travails can be traced to his current fallout with his governor, others feel the real person behind it is Sen. Bola Tinubu.

Jagbagan never forgets. 😐

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