Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Chris Brown reveals he planned on proposing to Rihanna before infamous fight in new documentry

The singer who filmed and released a documentary ''Welcome to my Life'' revealed that he almost proposed to Rihanna but the fight they had messed everything up.
He also revealed the reason why they fought.....if you guessed a woman, then you are right. 🙂Excerpts....

He chased her for months , but she didn't budge until much later.

The couple kept everything under wraps until their 2007 VMA performance, where Rihanna joined Chris on-stage to perform "Wall to Wall" and the remix to her smash, “Umbrella.”

They both decided that would be the night they went public.

He also claims it was around this time that he considered proposing marriage to the superstar

The road to destruction for them began when Chris admitted to Riri that he
used to sleep with an ex-coworker they both knew.

The “Work” singer suspected as much, but Chris admits it took weeks of Rihanna badgering him about the former lover before he admitted it.

Flash forward to 2009 Grammy night, an event neither party could attend after their now-infamous fight that left the Caribbean songstress battered and bruised.

During Clive Davis’s Pre-Grammy party, the unnamed ex-coworker with whom Chris had a history stopped at the couple’s table to say hello, a move that infuriated the 29-year-old.

Rihanna grew so upset that they both left the party early in Chris’s Lamborghini.

To prove he no longer had inappropriate contact with the woman, he allowed Rihanna to go through his phone.

Unfortunately, Riri did find a text from the woman informing Brown that she would be at the aforementioned party.

An intense argument ensued, with Chris admitting he lost control and punched the singer in the face.

She attempted to punch him between the legs and grabbed his penis during the argument and he bit her arm as she reached over.

At this point, he pulled over the car and she began yelling that someone was trying to kill her. A neighbor heard her cries, called the police, and the rest is history.

The singer went on to admit this was not the first time the two of them physically fought, saying Rihanna was a hot head as well.

They would both attack each other for various reasons and make excuses in public as to why they both had bruises.

He also attempted to win her back after the squabble, but she told him to leave her alone.

The couple did reunite briefly in 2013, but the damage from their traumatic relationship had already been done.

After finally accepting she wouldn’t take him back a third time, he began dating Karrueche Tran while still in love with the “Stay” songstress.


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