Sunday, 18 June 2017

Miss Nigeria,Chioma Obiadi, canvasses life imprisonment for ra*pists

The 22 year old beauty queen shared her view on ra*pe when she visited NAN recently. Excerpts.......

“Cases of ra*pe are on the increase now in the country.In fact it is become so alarming.
I feel that we are recording increased cases because the perpetrators know that they will be imprisoned for few years.This, I feel, is not stringent enough.
“When these rap*ists know that they will be sentenced to life imprisonment or death, the crime will definitely decline.''
Media houses should project the rap*ists rather than the victims, it is the rapist that should be stigmatised and not the poor girl or lady who had the misfortune of being ra*ped.”

On parents taking better care of their daughters and dressing being a factor.....
“Some parents are accomplice in this menace; they should be concerned about their daughters’ movements and body languages from time to time. 
We should return to our cultural and traditional values that promote decent dressing.”

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