Sunday, 18 June 2017

P Diddy tops Forbes' top 10 highest paid entertainers

I have always argued that P Diddy is the maannn!!, but, people always argued that he can't rap. 
My reply has always been this......who rap eppp?!!! *lol*
Seriously though.....this guy should write a book already....I have some suggestions....
"How to make money and swag it out"
How to hustle and get paid
Money = Street Smart and confidence
Ok!! Okay!! I can hear a voice in my heard telling me to stopppp already *lol*. Sorry guys, I play too much. Seriously though....Diddy, write a book already. 

He is on top of the Forbes Highest the 10 Highest-Paid Entertainers list again....almost 20 years after he appeared on their debut cover. Salute!
Anyhoo, check out the list which is made up of musicians, a sports man, a radio host and an author and also how much they made after the jump

1. Diddy, $130 million

2. Beyoncé, $105 million

3. J.K. Rowling, $95 million

4. Drake, $94 million

5. Cristiano Ronaldo, $93 million

6. The Weeknd, $92 million

7. Howard Stern, $90 million

8. Coldplay, $88 million

9. James Patterson, $87 million 10. LeBron James, $86 million

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