Monday, 3 July 2017

3 Badoo Members Killed in Ikorodu by residents

Gist has it that 3 members of dreaded court Badoo, have been killed in Ikorodu.According to gist, the residents of the area took to the task of protecting themselves after several residents of the area had been killed by the cult group.

The members are said to have been spotted in an unregistered car and
stopped them When they asked them who they were, they claimed they were looking for someone. When they told them to call the person, they couldn't. They proceeded to search their vehicle and they found a big stone and containers filled with diesel.

The people are said to have pounced on them and beat them mercilessly. It is being alleged that the boys begged that they should be handed over to the police, but, the people refused. They instead beat them up and set both them and their car ablaze.

According to Facebook user,Eniola Jackson,
“The people of Ojogbe (Beach Road), Ikorodu cannot sleep. Youths, women, and the entire people of Ojogbe are outside their house currently; they can’t sleep. They are outside their rooms securing their lives with weapons.

“They are having sleepless nights just because of this notorious killer-cult, Badoo. Information got to us that Badoo gang visited the community, but was unable to successfully execute their task. Baba Obina’s dog did not allow them. The dog barked so much that everyone in the community rushed out with weapons.

“Before the notorious killers ran away, they hit the dog with their weapons and this morning (Sunday), the dog died.”

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