Friday, 7 July 2017

''The bulk of the agitations we are seeing today, whether threats of war, call for restructuring''....Gov. Obaseki

According to the governor of Edo State, government's cut on costs and diversification will aid economic growth.The governor revealed these and more when delivering the lecture, “New Opportunities and New Initiatives for Development.”

“Dwindling oil revenue are now the order of the day. And for us to continue our socio-economic development, the paradigm must change from what we inherited from the civil war. “So, the bulk of the agitations we are seeing today, whether threats of war, call for restructuring, secession, are results of the evolution of our socio-economic process.

Because Nigeria was not always run this way. “As children in the 60s, there were regions and the regions did not go to the centre to sustain themselves. The regions were self-financing. In fact, some of the regions had their own offices in London at that time and they were able to deal independently with the colonial administration.

“So, Nigeria never started this way, it was the unfortunate incident of the civil war and the role of oil after the civil war that forced us on this condition we found ourselves today.” He added, however, that the “challenge is not insurmountable, the challenge is not about dismantling Nigeria, because if you dismantle Nigeria into various parts, the same problem will follow them. “The answer is to sit down and say, let us be realistic to ourselves. Let us understand that the way we are running the country today by making it dependent on one source of revenue is no longer sustainable and, therefore, we must diversify the economy and its politics.

“We must stop wastages. How can government officials be moving with over 20 in a convoy, what for? These are some of the wastages. I promised a future of economic foresight, which will be shaped by the willingness to do the necessary things that will lead us into a new and rapid age of development. “Therefore, the new initiatives in development in Edo State are woven around the cardinal programmes of my governance, which is the essence of my topic. It is broken into six core areas, infrastructural development, environmental sustainability, culture and tourism, economic revolution, social welfare enhancement and institutional reform

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