Saturday, 22 July 2017

Transexual, Amanda Lepore, Claims She Had an Affair with Kanye West......Reveals in Detail What Happened

Gist has it that, transgender socialite and performer, Amanda Lepore allegedly had an affair with Knaye West.According to the gist, Amanda's claims in a new book is what have sparked the claims.
Via PageSix
After transgender New York nightlife fixture Amanda Lepore dished in her new memoir, “Doll Parts,” about a relationship with an unnamed rapper, sources have speculated the hip-hop maven in question could be Kanye West.
A New York Times profile this week on voluptuous Lepore says that in the book: “Ms. Lepore describes having an assignation with a famous rapper whose songs often play in the clubs she frequents. Soon after, she writes, he got married, and ‘I couldn’t help but think that his wife had a similar body type to me.’ ”
That sparked buzz that the unnamed rapper was West — now married to curvy reality queen Kim Kardashian.
 Even though, Kanye West's reps have denied the claims, RadarOnline claims they have excerpts from the book and Amanda revealed in detail what allegedly happened. Excerpts......
“I didn’t get a good look, but he seemed familiar and I could tell he was looking at me,” she writes, adding “I assumed he’d seen me on The Insider, but I was focusing on getting to four hundred calories, so I didn’t pay him much attention.”

Lepore continues, “He came up to me and said hi, and I said hi back, then he started trying to talk me up, and asked if I wanted to go up to his room. I said, ‘Well I have to burn these 400 calories before I get off,’ and kept on climbing.”

But Yeezy wouldn’t back down, Lepore claims. “‘I got a girl up in my room but I can get rid of her if you want to come up,'” the rapper enticed.

After giving it a second thought, Lepore decided to go for it. She writes, “It occurred to me that if this guy was so confident, he might have a really big d**k, which was exactly what I needed to move on from the ex-boyfriend. So I told him to hold on a minute.”

Too steamy for this blog.....if you are interested, head on to RadarOnline

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