Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Video: Diddy Squashes Beef With Wendy Williams, Reveals Cassie is the Love of his Life

The pair who have been at logger heads  since the 90's (it started when Wendy, then a radio host, alleged the rapper is gay. Word has it that he pulled some strings and got her fired) have apparently squashed their beef.
He was a guest at her show and the pair talked over a few glasses of his Ciroc drink. As expected she asked him a couple of 'tafia' questions😉. 
From the reason he isn't married,  to Cassie, Biggie's death......nothing was off limits. Excerpts.......

On Cassie being the love of his life....
“It’s just like when a record comes on, the way she moves,” he spilled. “When I look at her the way she smiles. The way I see her look at me sometimes when I wake up and she’s already awake, ya know?”

On why he is not ready to get married....
“I really just started understanding how to love himself and to focus on what’s important. I have to get myself together, before I’m really ready for that because that to me is something very serious. And one day I hope that I find that.”

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