Friday, 11 August 2017

23 Yr Old South African Lady Allegedly Killed By Abusive Boyfriend


According to reports, a 26 year old SA Lady,has been killed by her boyfriend. She is said to have tried leaving him, but somehow, he still got her. Via EWN

A Khayelitsha family has described how a relative who was allegedly killed by her boyfriend was repeatedly abused by him.

Aviwe Jam-Jam's family identified her body earlier this week.

It was discovered in Athlone after she had been reported missing in late July.

The 26-year-old was last seen leaving her partner's house.

Jam-Jam's family says she was in a long-term abusive relationship with her boyfriend, with whom she had a child.

“Aviwe’s mother tried to warn her about this, but she didn’t listen.”

Her aunt Nondumiso Zizi claims there were several incidents in which the suspect was violent towards the victim and her family.

“Her mother suspected she would not make it out alive because the boyfriend treated her badly and damaged the property.”

Zizi says the tourism graduate once fled to Pretoria to get away from him.

Police say he'll appear in court soon.

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