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Enugu Genius, Chinecherem Cynthia Ali, Reveals She has no Boyfriend and She is Banned from Using Phones

 The genius who shook the whole country after scooping distinctions in all her WAEC subjects granted Punch an interview where she talked about how her elder brother was her inspiration, her study regime and if she considers herself a genius. She also revealed she does not believe in cramming that she instead studies by developing  codes and that the main reason for her success is God. Excerpt….

On her elder brother being her motivation….

While I was in school, my priority was to make a wonderful result. I had clarity of purpose in what I wanted to achieve. My elder brother was the chief motivator. He made six As in his WASSCE last year. He told me I could do better than he did. He planted that goal to surpass his feat in me. Whenever I had a problem with my studies, he was always around to help me out. He practically taught me the techniques to excel in the subjects. He prepared my mind about the syllabus in SS3, who the teachers were and what would enable me to get the best from each of them.

On the encouragement she got from some  teachers
On my first day in school, when I got to SS1, my chemistry teacher called me and told me certain things about my goal. He told me no one had ever made nine As in the school. He said he heard an inner voice that I could break the record. I was just laughing when he told me. I had a note which I titled, “My future WASSCE results.”

I wrote down my results on the note, filling As across all the subjects I was to sit for. I prayed to God to help me achieve the goal. My friends who saw the note said I was going crazy. But I told God to help me. Another teacher that helped me a great deal was my biology teacher. She prepared a study timetable for me to follow. She told me to study at least two hours at a stretch. The two teachers (chemistry and biology) told me my goal was achievable.

On the number of hours it took her to study
In our school, we were mandated to observe our preparatory classes for day students. From 2.30pm to 4pm, I would go home to cook and do other things I needed to do till around 7pm. From 7pm till 10pm, I was always reading my books daily. Sometimes, I could set aside five or six hours to read.

On if she has a boyfriend
I never had a boyfriend. One thing I learnt along the line was that once one is serious with one’s studies, it will be difficult for boys to approach one for a relationship. When I was in SS1, one day I entered the class. There was this male classmate of mine who was always disturbing me. I was reading my book. We had just finished the computer practical. Others were discussing while I was reading my book. Then the boy said, “What’s the problem with you? Is it that you cannot rest, at least talk to people.”

He said I didn’t need to be reading every time. I was able to overcome the pressures of male pupils because I didn’t entertain any unserious talks.

On her parents placing a ban on mobile phones……

My dad is an English teacher. He always encouraged us. He taught us English after school hours. He made sure I didn’t use a mobile phone. Once I got to secondary school, I neither used a phone nor had access to any gadget. It was a serious offence at home. It really helped me because if I had a mobile, I would have been distracted. I might have spent less time on my studies. My mum always encouraged me too. She told me that when she was my age, she excelled in her studies too. She emphasised that I could break the record. When I was in primary school, my father supported me with extra lessons at home. He also got part-time teachers for me.

She proved to us again what I have always believed…….JAMB is always ready to knock you;for whatever reason
The UTME was out before I took WASSCE. I scored 266. I was discouraged when I saw the result because I felt I should have got above 300 marks. The good thing is that they also use the WASSCE result to select candidates. They grade prospective candidates, using 60 per cent for the UTME and 40 per cent for the WASSCE result. When I saw my UTME results, I was just praying to God to excel in WASSCE result a wonderful one. When our principal saw my UTME result, he didn’t believe that it was my result because he expected more from me. UTME was very easy for me and I was disappointed when I saw the score.

She humbly rejected talk that she is a genius …..even though she is obviously one….
I don’t think I am one. I think anyone who studied hard and relied on God can make a similar feat.

She opted to study either in UNN, Nsukka or Ebonyi State University. When she was asked why she did not opt to study outside the country, this is what she said……
I want to study in Nigeria first. I guess I am too young to study outside the country all alone. But I would like to do postgraduate studies abroad

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