Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Esan People Are Now Left With Nothing

A social political group, "Esan Mega Forum" has released a statement reacting to the removal of  Hon Okonoboh as speaker, Edo State House of Assembly Here.

It was with utter shock we received the disgusting and disturbing news of the impeachment of the Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly Hon. Dr. Justin Okonoboh by nineteen members of the house yesterday. The full import of the unceremonious and acrimonious removal of Okonoboh as the EDHA Speaker is that Esan people have been completely and unjustly shut out of the topmost leadership positions across the
three arms of government at the state level namely: executive, legislature and judiciary. As things stand today, the state governor is from Edo South, the state deputy governor is from Edo North. The Secretary to the State Government is from Edo South while the Chief of Staff is from Edo North. The current Minister of state for Health is from Edo South. And just yesterday, as if to drive the final nail into the political casket of Esan noriri, the speakership position of the state parliament was forcefully taken from Edo Central to Edo North , a zone which produced Comrade Adams Oshiomhole who governed Edo State for eight uninterrupted years, a zone where the current deputy governor and chief of staff hail from, at the expense of Esan people who are now left with nothing. This is clearly against the spirit and letter of federal character which advocates equitable distribution of positions/appointments among the component parts of the federation and among the three senatorial districts of each state.

As the apex socio-cultural organization of Esan gbigbe, Esan Mega Forum can no longer fold its arms and watch Edo South and Edo North treat Esan people like political zombies, nobodies and push overs. Esan people are not fools! When pushed to the wall, even a goat would bite. We demand the immediate return of the speakership position to Esan Land.

While members of the house reserve the right to "hire and fire" their speaker at any given point in time, Esan should not be made to bear the rough edge of the blunt each time a change is effected in the house leadership. The other day, it was another Esan man Hon. Victor Edoror who was brazenly "uprooted" from the speakership seat to pave way for the emergence of Hon.(Mrs) Elizabeth Ativie from Edo South as Speaker.

If for whatever reasons, majority of the members of the house feel that Hon. Okonoboh is no longer qualified to lead them, then they should elect another Esan man to take over the baton of leadership. Good enough, aside Hon. Okonoboh, there are five other lawmakers from Esan Land.

We hereby call on the honourable members of the house to reconvene and elect one out of the other five Esan Lawmakers as the new Speaker as soon as possible.

For the avoidance of doubt, should the lawmakers and the government of the day feign innocence and ignorance like they did when Hon.(Mrs) Elizabeth Ativie was brought in to replace Hon. Edoror in May 2016 as EDHA Speaker, Esan Mega Forum will be left with no choice than to shut down the State House of Assembly with massive protests. The protests shall continue daily until an Esan man reclaims the EDHA Speakership seat.

If an Esan man is not the speaker, then the Edo State House of Assembly cannot and must not sit. We Will no longer allow Edo North and Edo South to play ludo with the political destiny of Esan nokpebholo. Edo State belongs to all of us. Neither the new political lords from Edo North nor their allies in Edo South own and love Edo State more than Esan people.

It is on record that from 1999 to 2008, political positions across the three arms of government were distributed equitably among the three senatorial districts. Sadly the reverse has been the case since 2008 till date as the principle of equitable distribution of power has been obeyed more in the breach than in comformity. The immediate past administration got away with the wholesale marginalization of Esan people and the same scenario is fast playing out yet again but we will force history to reverse itself this time around. Once bitten twice shy!

The oppression, suppression, victimization and marginalization which Esan people have been going through at the state level since 2008 must stop!

We will not take it anymore! Enough is Enough! Return the speakership position of the Edo State House of Assembly to Esan Land now!


Innocent Omozokpia
National President
Esan Mega Forum

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